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The spectacular fishing village of Parlatuvier is one of Tobago’s best kept secrets, shared by only the most discerning of the island’s visitors.
This working village has a perfect crescent shaped beach curving away towards pretty pastel beach houses, a small elementary school, a few tiny shops, a rum parlour and very little else. Set against a backdrop of stunning tropical rainforest Parlatuvier is Caribbean village life at its simplest.

On either side of Parlatuvier are the villages of Castara, Englishman’s Bay and Bloody Bay, each with their own beautiful beaches and a scattering of restaurants and small shops.  Fresh fish can be bought most days from the jetty in Parlatuvier and at the fishermen’s cooperative in Castara.  Bird watching, rainforest walks, boat trips, fishing trips, snorkelling and scuba diving are just a few of the activities that can be found within the village or just a short drive away. 

In Parlatuvier, a unique and memorable tropical island experience is waiting for you.

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